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Match Day Procedures & Reporting

Pre-Match Steps
  • Step 1 – Print out current USA Rugby Online Roster – Click Here to find your online roster –
  • Step 2 – Highlight your match day 23 Man team and put “FR” indicate your front row eligible players.
  • Step 3 – All participating players in the match must complete a match day Photo ID Check. Your match day referee will check every player’s photo ID’s verses the name on the USA Rugby Roster. Players without an ID present can show a copy (paper and electronic) of their Photo ID. If club is found guilty of playing an un-registered player, the game could be ruled as a forfeit.
In-Match Steps
Post Match Steps
Please note, we longer require clubs to keep photo rosters nor do we require you submit a copy of your paper roster via email. We have moved to a completely online system. Please also note we highly  recommend that you keep you paper rosters on file as well.
Orange Cup Rules 
  • Please see this document for complete rules for the Orange Cup
  • The keys are: All players must be registered with USAR. They do not have to be registered for that club therefor college and guest players can play in the Orange Cup without transferring their CIPP. — No more 5 starting 1st team players can play in the Orange Cup. The match can and should still be played the result is just an automatic win to the compliant team.

Florida Men’s Division 2 – Week 1 Preview

The 2015/16 Florida Men’s Club Season begins this weekend with four USA Rugby Division 2 matches. After a hugely successful Florida Cup Pre-Season tournament, all 8 Men’s Division Two teams are ready begin matrix season this weekend.

Florida Cup Champions Naples head to Boca Raton which on paper appears to be the Match of the Round. Naples were dominant throughout the Florida Cup and put on counter attacking show in Sarasota during the finals. Boca Raton are team that can launch attacks from all over the park. Visiting teams must be at their absolute best to beat Boca at Don Estridge, this should be a great match.

Ft Lauderdale host Miami RFC in rematch of the 2014 State Championship. Both Ft Lauderdale and Miami have gone through some changes since then. Ft Lauderdale has pipeline of talent and always expect to challenge for the title. Miami RFC lead by player Coach Leon Wilson are will be ready and raring to go for the regular season.

2015 State Champions the Orlando Griffins host the Miami Tridents in the Nations Tourist Capital. Orlando are looking prove that 2015 was not flash in pan and that they are ready to play league play after a tough Florida Cup. Miami Tridents, took Naples to wire in the Florida Cup Semi-Final and have built highly skilled team ready to challenge for 2016 State Title. There is no better way to see if they have what takes when they play the reigning State Champions.

Lastly, Tampa are travelling Jacksonville for what looks be to an evenly matched game. Tampa are always ready for the regular season to begin. They make the trip north to Jacksonville on the back of solid Florida Cup form within the tough Gulf Coast Division. Jacksonville in 2015 were a powerhouse team they always face the toughest travel schedule and 2015/16 they will look to set Florida alight with a dominant start at home.