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2017 Rugby Sevens Las Vegas Invitational 7s – Florida Team Picks

Thanks to everyone for the effort and hard work the last couple of months. This year’s team selection has been the most difficult of all for the coaches; there were many talented athletes to choose from.  The teams selected for the 2017 Las Vegas Invitational tournament are:


Stephanie Browne – Orlando
Stephanie Nevadunsky – Fort Miami
Jaqueline Edge – University of Central Florida
Brittany Broomfield – Florida International University
Leandria Ates – Florida International University
Cortney Kuehl – University of Central Florida
Jessica Warner – University of Central Florida
Ashaunte Stroman – Florida International University
Jennifer Fasano – University of Central Florida
Tatum Walker – Fort Miami
Agnes Fuerst – University of Central Florida
Amanda Divich – Unattached (formerly Lindenwood University)


David Washington – Jacksonville RFC
Jeffrey Herron – Tampa Krewe
Mateo Velazquez – Florida International University
Damien Clemente – Miami RFC
Cagney Kobrin – Unattached (formerly Miami 7’s)
Malacchi Esdale – University of Central Florida
Tristan Dignan – University of Central Florida
Tyler Pigott – Naples Hammerheads
Scott Watson – University of Central Florida
Eddie Abreu – Orlando
Roderigus Ceasar – Unattached (formerly Narooma Devils, Rugby League Australia)
Santiago Laphitzondo – Florida International University

Congratulations to all!


Florida RDA Picks First 5 for Vegas 7s

The Florida RDA is proud to announce the first 5 women and men to this years Vegas Invitational Tournament where they will once again play in the elite division. 

Matches last year included the women taking on Japan and Frances National teams and the men competing against the USA Falcons and Frances National B side. We look forward to similar matches this year.

Cortney Kuehl

Jacqueline Edge

Jessica Warner

Lele Ates

Stephanie Brown

Cagney Kobrin

Clemente Damien

Jeff Herron

Malacchi Esdale

Mateo Velazquez

We still need to make seven more selections for each side, which we will plan to make after the Jan 22 Training in Sebastian.
For more information please contact:
Steve Braunstein

Florida Director 7’s


Winter Rugby Festival

Winter Rugby Festival is being held this Saturday January 14th at the Emery Hamilton Sports Complex in Orlando. We have over 20 teams participating from the Under 10s all the way up to Men’s Division 3 League Matches. 

Key Notes

  • Schedule – it listed out below, it may updated later in the week
  • Referee & Coach Meeting – 9.15am for all tournament teams – not D3 mens teams
  • Rules & Regulations – Please read your division’s rule and regulations. 
  • Post Tournament/Match Social – Held at the Lucky Lure — $10 (advanced purchase) $15 (At the door) bottomless pints – more information is bellow

Tournament Location

Emery Hamilton Sports Complex (Orlando Fairgrounds)
4400 W Colonial Dr
Orlando, FL 32808

Referees & Coaches Meeting 

It is compulsory for all tournament teams to have coach and/or management representative at the referee meeting at 915am. The meeting will be held in between field #1 & field #2.

*** Please note that D3 Men’s Clubs do not have to have representative at this meeting. However, all D3 teams must complete and ID check with their assigned referee before their match.*** 

Games & Game Structure 

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 1.50.03 PM.png

Men Division Three – League/Matrix Games

  • 80 Minute Matches – Played According to League Rules
  • Indian River v Gainesville @ 1pm — Field # 1
  • Brevard v Pelicans @ 3pm — Field #1
  • Sarasota v Daytona @ 3pm — Field #2
  • Tallahassee v Palm Beach @ 3pm — Field #3

Men’s Open — Teams Entered — UF Men, UCF Men & Jacksonville Men

  • 40 minute matches / 20 minute halves
  • UCF Men v Jacksonville Men @ 11am – Field #1
  • UF Men v UCF Men @ 12pm – Field #1
  • UF Men v Jacksonville Men @ 2pm – Field # 3

Women’s Open – Team Entered — UCF Women, Orlando Women, Jacksonville Women

  • 40 minute matches / 20 minute halves
  • Orlando Women v UCF Women @ 10am – Field #1
  • UCF Women v Jacksonville Women @ 12pm – Field #2
  • Orlando Women v Jacksonville Women @ 2pm – Field #2
  • UF Women v FAU Women @ 2pm – Field # 4 — 80 Minute Match

High School Boys – Teams Entered — Cape Pirates, Tampa Krewe, Orlando HS, Sebastian River HS, Wellington Wizards & Sarasota

  • 40 minute matches / 20 minute halves
  • Rolling subs, only completed through the referee
  • Sarasota HS v Orlando HS @ 10am – Field #1
  • Cape HS v Sebastian River HS @ 10am – Field #3
  • Wellington HS v Tampa HS @ 11am – Field #3
  • Sebastian River HS v Sarasota HS @ 12pm – Field #3
  • Orlando HS v Wellington HS @ 1pm – Field #2

Middle School — Junior Juice —

  • 30 minute matches / 15 minute halves
  • Field size — playing 22 to 22 in length and full width on field #4
  • Rolling Subs, only completed through the referee
  • Cape MS v Wellington MS – 1040am – Field # 4
  • Cape MS v Sarasota MS – 12pm – Field # 4
  • Wellington MS v Sarasota MS – 120pm – Field #4

Under 12s

  • 30 minute matches / 15 minute halves
  • Field size — games will be played between the halfway & 22 lines – with the 5 meter line being the tryline
  • Rolling Subs, only completed through the referee
  • Cape U12  v Wellington U12 @ 10am – Field #4
  • Wellington U12 v Sarasota U12 @ 1240pm – Field #4

Under 10s

  • 30 minute matches /15 minute halves
  • Field size — games will be played between the 10 meter line and 22 lines – with the 5 meter line being the tryline
  • Rolling subs, only completed through the referee
  • Cape U10 v Wellington U10 @ 10am – Field #4
  • Wellington U10 v Sarasota U10 @ 1240pm – Field #4

Field Set Up


  • We have four match fields.

  • Parking will be available surrounding the fields, there is no parking allowed within the enclosed areas. Parking and entry to the park is free.

  • Team will have space between all of the fields to set up their team areas.

  • Bathrooms are available between field #1 & Field #2

Medical Coverage

  • We will also have an Athletic Trainer onsite to provide athletic taping and any first aid needs. She will be available at the tournament/Medical tent from 9am on Saturday.

Saturday Evening Social

  • The Lucky Lure, 1427 N Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32804
    Additional parking located at Baldwin-Fairchild Cemeteries, 301 NE Ivanhoe Blvd, Orlando, FL 32804
    $10 Advance, $15 at the Door
Festival Rules & Regulations
  • Teams will be able use an unlimited amount of substitutes during their matches. These substitutes must be made during a break in play and must go through the referee. ****THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE THE MEN’S DIVISION 3 MATCHES***

  • All coaches and support staff will be required to remain within the technical box. This box is not for fans and/or reserves.

  • This is friendly festival tournament focused on the development players and referees. A strict zero tolerance will put on offensive behaviour from coaches, players and spectators.

  • Yellow cards will serve a 5 minute suspension from play. Red infractions will be suspended from further participation within the tournament. ****THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE THE MEN’S DIVISION 3 MATCHES***

  • Players may play for multiple sides during a tournament. The aim is to allow teams who are lower in numbers to gain assistance other teams/players.

  • ALL PLAYERS MUST BE REGISTERED WITH USA RUGBY — Teams must show proof of all players registration. Please print out and hand in the roster to the tournament tent — please highlight your participating players on the roster — To get the online USA Rugby Roster please Click here to find your teams roster —