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Skills Camp with Magali Harvey

Registration is now open for this camp -



New Executive Committee elected

This past weekend at our AGM new officers were elected for the upcoming term. Several positions were re-elected, including President Kerri O’Malley, VP-Women Melissa Newkirk, VP-Sevens Steve Braunstein, and Treasurer Matt Tierney. New to the board, and all hailing from West Coast clubs, are our VP-Men Kevin Murtaugh, VP-College Jessie Premet, and Secretary/Communications Director Mike Geibel. Thank you to our outgoing officers Chris Calvo, Steve Proffitt, and Jane Bolin. Jane will continue to advise the board as legal counsel.

Florida Seven’s Series Standings

The first of the (2) Florida Sevens Qualification Tournaments was completed on Saturday in Orlando. Congratulations, to Miami RFC for winning the Men’s Bracket and the visiting Atlanta Harlequins for winning the Women’s Bracket. The current Qualification Series Standings are listed below.

The next sevens tournament is the Fiji Sevens this weekend in Miami. Registration is still open —

The next qualification tournament will be the Gulf Coast Sevens on July 8th in St Petersburg. You can register here —

Men’s Match Scores

  • Orlando Griffins – (33) to Bay Area Barracudas – (14)
  • Boca Raton Buccaneers – (19) to Naples Hammerheads – (12)
  • Miami RFC – (19) to Bay Area Barracudas – (7)
  • Orlando Griffins – (28) to Naples Hammerheads – (7)
  • Miami RFC – (19) to Orlando Griffins – (12)
  • Boca Raton – (12) tied with Bay Area Barracudas – (12)
  • Boca Raton – (19) to Orlando Griffins – (14)
  • Miami RFC – (40) to Naples Hammerheads – (0)
  • Miami RFC  – (28) to Boca Raton – (0)
  • Naples Hammerheads – (19) to Bay Area Barracudas – (5)
  • 3rd Place Playoff – Orlando Griffins – (40) to Naples Hammerheads – (7)
  • Championship Match – Miami RFC – (31) to Boca Raton – (10)

Womens Match Scores

  • Orlando Griffins – (12) to Phoenix Sevens – (5)
  • Miami Amazons – (17) to Atlanta Harlequins – (7)
  • Atlanta Harlequins – (21) to Orlando Griffins – (14)
  • Miami Amazons – (24) to Phoenix Sevens – (0)
  • Orlando Griffins – (12) tied with Miami Amazons – (12)
  • Atlanta Harlequins – (21) to Phoenix Sevens – (7)
  • 3rd Place Match – Orlando Griffins – (22) to Phoenix Sevens – (7)
  • Championship Match – Atlanta Harlequins – (17) to Miami Amazons – (7)

FRU Sevens Series Standings

Men’s Qualifier
Rank Team Todd Miller Gulf Coast Total Series Comp Points Points Differential
1 Miami 22  22 108
2 Boca Raton 19  19 -37
3 Orlando 17  17 61
4 Naples 15  15 -87
5 Bay Area 13  13 -45
Women’s Qualifier
Rank Team Todd Miller Gulf Coast Total Series Comp Points Points Differential
1 Miami 22  22 24
2 Orlando 19  19 15
3 Phoenix 17  17 -60

**(i) In the event of two or more teams being equal on points for any position on the series table, the team with the highest margin of points scored for and against in all the series matches shall be the higher ranked;

**(ii) In the event that the (i) above does not provide a decision, the team which has the best total points scoring record shall be the higher ranking team.

*** (iii) In the event that both (i) & (ii) does not provide a decision, a coin toss by the Sevens Director shall determine the higher ranking team.


Secretary Needed! AGM this weekend

This upcoming Sunday at our Annual General Meeting we will hold elections for the FRU board. While every position is open for election, right now we know our Secretary does not plan to run again and we are not aware of any parties interested in the spot. This would be GREAT for someone looking to build their CV/resume for marketing or communications or someone that already has that experience and is looking to help the Union improve our communication and marketing efforts. If you need more details, please contact our President Kerri via phone or email.

Start Time: 2pm

Orlando Public Library – Downtown Orlando

101 E Central Blvd

Orlando, FL 32801

Conference Room: Albertson Room — 3rd Floor


  1. The “President” (as hereinafter defined) will report on the affairs of the Union during the period since the last Annual General Meeting;

  2. The “Treasurer” (as hereinafter defined) will report on the financial affairs of the Union during the period since the last Annual General Meeting;

  3. The Union members shall elect the Union Officers for the coming year;

  4. The Union shall address any scheduling issues related to upcoming year, as a whole group or through subcommittee meetings organized by divisions

  5. The Union shall address the budget related to upcoming year (see role of Officers in setting budget in Article 6)

  6. The Union shall consider any new business (including agenda items submitted by members).

  7. The members will consider any applications for Union membership by new clubs, which consideration shall be subject to the provisions of Section 2.01(a) hereof;

Fiji Sevens – Canceled

Due to the heavy rains over the last week and rain due in the coming days the Miramar Parks & Recreation have closed the tournament fields for this weekend. The tournament director and the FRU have not been able to find a replacement location. This has forced us to unfortunately cancel this Saturday’s Tournament. We wanted to let all teams know with enough time to cancel/change their plans for this weekend.
The Fiji Seven’s will now be held on July 1st at the same location in Miramar. Please note, due to July 1st being a being a holiday weekend the FRU has decided that the Fiji Sevens tournament will no longer be considered a qualifying tournament. The Florida Series will now only be a two tournament series with Todd Miller 7s and the Gulf Coast 7s.
Thank you for everyone’s understanding on this and I we look forward seeing everyone at Fiji 7s on July 1st.