2018 Men’s Schedule Finalized

The 2018 Men’s Division 2 & Division 3 schedules have been finalized and can be found here — FRU_Men’s Schedule_2018_Final

Men’s Division Two

  • (8) league game season beginning the weekend of January 20th, 2018
  • Three groups of (3): The (6) south teams were split via random draw into two groups of (3). Here are the Groups.South (1)
    1. Boca Raton
    2. Naples
    3. Ft Lauderdale

    South (2)

    1. Miami Tridents
    2. Okapi
    3. Miami RFC


    1. Jacksonville
    2. Orlando
    3. Tampa Krewe
  • Each team will play home & away within their group
  • Each team will play (4) crossover matches against teams from the other (2) groups, (2) home & (2) away. These crossover matches will count towards your teams standings.
  • The teams who advance into playoffs are as follows:
    • The (3) group champions, which are seeded 1 through 3 based on their overall won-lost-tied record.
    • (1) Wildcard team which is the team with the best overall record of all remaining teams across all groups. This team will be the 4th seed.
    • Seed (1) will host Seed (4) and Seed (2) will host Seed (3)
    • The (2) winning teams will advance to the State Championships on April 21st

The reasoning behind moving to a (3) group division is reduce travel impact. This structure has reduced total travel distance for teams by at least 40%. Which we hope we see an improvement in player availability which should be demonstrated via an improvement in club’s ability to fully compete in Orange Cup.

Please note that Orange Cup like in last three years will be played via the same schedule as the 1st team. We encourage all teams with the new structure to really push to have (2) full squads every weekend with a designated 2nd team coach.

Men’s Division Three

  • Tallahassee have officially withdrawn from league play in 2018. That now leaves (7) teams in the Division.
  • (6) league game season beginning the weekend of February 3rd, 2018
  • Top (4) teams advance to playoffs with 1st hosting 4th and 2nd hosting 3rd.
  • The (2) winning teams will advance to the State Championships on April 21st


Match Schedule Changes

Teams may make changes to their league own schedule, however both teams must mutually agree, along with FRU and FRRA. Without consent from all parties matches will not be allowed to be moved.

Florida Rugby Summit

Please mark your calendars for the weekend of September 15th & 16th 2017. We will be hosting our annual Florida Rugby Summit at Eckerd College in St Petersburg. We will have coaching and referee certification courses, coach development seminars, club administration seminars and player scouting/development camps. This is always a great event and we would love to have all of our clubs and their members attending.

Home Team Logistics

We would like to start providing more detailed information about each league match on our website. If teams could begin working on their home matches and provide Evan Haigh with the following details:

  • Home match location

  • 1st Team Kick Off Time

  • 2nd Team Kick Off Time

  • Special comments about the match: i.e Club Day, Alumni Day, Old Boys Day. ect. ect.

Referee Courses

As many of you may be aware, we are running short on qualified referees. We are looking for clubs who may be interested in hosting a referee courses. If clubs could also begin pushing their players and supporters to becoming qualified referees when courses provided. We will publishing more information about becoming a referee in the coming weeks.

Coaching Courses

If your club would like to host a L200 or a L300 coaching course please contact Evan Haigh directly. I will provide you with more of the detailed information on the requirements and the USA Rugby application process.


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