Referee Assignments

Confirm your ref no later than Wednesday prior to the game or they will be reassigned and you will not get a referee.

Referees are assigned solely by the Florida Rugby Referees Association. If you are thinking about scheduling a friendly, please email the FRRA VP of Assignments, Ross Devonport, at before you finalize your plans for the match. Some weekends get busy, and there are not always referees available. Priority regarding friendlies will always be given on a first come, first served basis. You do not need to contact Ross for league matches, as he will already have the schedule for all league contests.
Once a referee has accepted an assignment (usually 2-4 weeks before the game), the system will automatically send an email to the home match secretary with the referee’s contact information. The referee MUST be contacted by end of day WEDNESDAY of game week, otherwise that referee may be assigned to another game and your team could be subject to a fine, as well as being responsible for all travel costs and match fee, regardless of whether the game occurs of not.
Clubs do not need access to the system. All clubs need to do is email Ross with any changes to their Match Secretaries, otherwise these emails won’t be going to the correct inbox.”
Referee Contacts to confirm your ref can be found at
Referees Contacts Webpage

Info on how schedule a ref and ref payments is here.



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