Mens D2 – 2nd XV – Orange Cup

2016-2017 League Schedule – Page to be formatted at a later date, pdf link available below

Men’s D2 Schedule_2016_17_FINAL


Men’s D2 – 2nd XV –  Orange Cup 
Round Date Home Team Away Team
1 6-Dec Miami Bye
1 6-Dec Ft Lauderdale Tridents
1 6-Dec Boca Raton Naples
1 6-Dec Bye Orlando
2 13-Dec Naples Miami
2 13-Dec Orlando Ft Lauderdale
2 13-Dec Boca Raton Tridents
3 10-Jan Tridents Orlando
3 10-Jan Naples Boca Raton
3 10-Jan Miami Bye
3 10-Jan Ft Lauderdale Bye
4 17-Jan Bye Naples
4 17-Jan Miami Boca Raton
4 17-Jan Orlando Bye
4 17-Jan Tridents Ft Lauderdale
5 31-Jan Ft Lauderdale Boca Raton
5 31-Jan Tridents Miami
5 31-Jan Naples Orlando
6 7-Feb Bye Orlando
6 7-Feb Bye Boca Raton
6 7-Feb Miami Ft Lauderdale
6 7-Feb Naples Tridents
7 28-Feb Tridents Bye
7 28-Feb Orlando Boca Raton
7 28-Feb Miami Naples
7 28-Feb Ft Lauderdale Bye
8 7-Mar Boca Raton Bye
8 7-Mar Miami Orlando
8 7-Mar Bye Tridents
8 7-Mar Naples Ft Lauderdale
9 21-Mar Orlando Miami
9 21-Mar Bye Naples
9 21-Mar Boca Raton Ft Lauderdale
9 21-Mar Bye Tridents
10 28-Mar Orlando Bye
10 28-Mar Miami Boca Raton
10 28-Mar Ft Lauderdale Naples
10 28-Mar Tridents Bye

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