Referee Requests and Payment Info

All matches

Referees are assigned solely by the Florida Rugby Referees Association. If you are thinking about scheduling a friendly, please email the FRRA VP of Assignments, Ross Devonport, at before you finalize your plans for the match. Some weekends get busy, and there are not always referees available. Priority regarding friendlies will always be given on a first come, first served basis. You do not need to contact Ross for league matches, as he will already have the schedule for all league contests.
Once a referee has accepted an assignment (usually 2-4 weeks before the game), the system will automatically send an email to the home match secretary with the referee’s contact information. The referee MUST be contacted by end of day WEDNESDAY of game week, otherwise that referee may be assigned to another game and your team could be subject to a fine, as well as being responsible for all travel costs and match fee, regardless of whether the game occurs of not.
Clubs do not need access to the system. All clubs need to do is email Ross with any changes to their Match Secretaries, otherwise these emails won’t be going to the correct inbox.”


The referee then needs to be confirmed with KO and match location no later than the Wednesday prior to the match. If you do not confirm your referee by Wednesday they will be re-assigned and you WILL NOT get a referee for your match. If you confirm then cancel after the Wednesday deadline (Thursday onward) then you will be charged the referee match fee. If this is due to a last minute cancellation by a visiting FRU club the home club can petition FRU to bill the visiting club the match fee.

Referee Contact List

The referee’s match fee is paid by the home club at the venue on the day in accordance with the fee schedule ($80 per match, abbreviated matches ie. B games will be paid at a rate of $1.00 per minute not to exceed normal match fee of $80). Ref fees are paid prior to kickoff. Mileage is reimbused to the refs by the FRRA from a fund paid by the FRU/FRU dues.

Any changes to matches, league or friendly, need to be confirmed with the opponent, with the FRRA VP and if a league game, also confirmed with the VP of competitions for that division no less than 2 weeks prior to the KO.

League/Competitive Schedules are sent by the competitions chair to the FRRA on behalf of all clubs.

Standard game times are as follows for each division:

11:00 AM Youth
12:30 PM Senior Women or College Women
2:00 PM  Senior Men or College Men

If multiple matches are to be played at the same venue and an additional warm-up pitch is not available, the following match times apply:

If three matches are to be played:             If two matches are to be played:
11 AM Youth                                                             12:00 Women
1 PM Women (Senior or College)                   2:00 Men
3 PM Men (Senior or College)

In general the precedent would be the “least senior” team plays first and then we have the most senior team playing last, with “senior” being dictated by age.If both teams have the same seniority, say in terms of women and men both being D2 or 2 colleges, the women will play first.

Finding your own ref?

Referees are to be requested via the FRRA VP for all matches including friendlies. If you are have a local certified ref, you can contact the FRRA VP and let him know you have confirmed a local, certified ref, and he can either approve or deny the assignment- you will need to provide the referees name and contact 7 days before the end of the calendar month for the next month’s schedule (the month of your match ie if match is in October you need to let him know by 9/23). This assures that assigned referees are current with their certification and that there is liability coverage for the match with use of a certified ref. You cannot use non-certified referees like coaches or alums to ref your matches as there is an increase in liability as well as a likely decrease in match quality due to using someone that is not current or trained. Playing a match with a non-certified referee may result in fines and club suspension.

The club requesting the referee is responsible for the payment of the match fee at the venue on the day of the match prior to KO.

Match Fee Pay Scale per game
All Referees $80 (paid by Home Team). AR’s $30 (paid by Home Team). Referee Coach/Assessor $20 (paid by FRRA).


2014 Contract between FRUGU – FRRA

FRRA Referees Policy & Procedure



Touch Judge Course Book Touch Question/Table


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