South Conference Congress Representation

The NCR2 consists of the Carolinas GU, Florida GU, True South GU & Georgia Rugby Union. Our representatives to USA Rugby Congress are voted on by our Senior member clubs (individual teams)

Currently there is one candidate up for election who has been nominated by the True South and his candidacy is supported by the FRU board, Jerry Gallion (scroll down if you need more info on this).

We need clubs to vote yes or no on Jerry’s election to confirm that we can have him move forward as Congress Representative. Currently Martin Gardner and Bill Bell are also representatives, with Bill as the alternate if Jerry or Martin are unavailable.

Please indicate your club name and yes or no.

Election Terms
–Top vote-getter: 2 year term
–Second vote-getter : 1 year term as Alternate (attends meeting if other Congress Member cannot)

Additional Info on this process

Election Process Highlights
–Call for nominations 45 days prior to election
– one per GU/LAU (you have to determine internally who/if you submit a candidate for the elections)
–Nominees provide bio/reasons for serving/goals
–Conference call/webinar Q&A >7 days before election upon request
–One vote per senior club in good standing.
– A former congress member will work as a vote verifier for certifying elections

Southern_Conference_Congress_Members_MOA_(executed)_12-03-13 – Full details of election process in pdf form

Email from GRU President describing this year’s election:

The South Congress Election Nomination Deadline has come and went.  To date the only nomination was by the True South to reelect Jerry Gallion.  The Florida Union supported this nomination through Kerri.  The bylaws do not account for a situation where only one nomination is received by the deadline. I’d like to receive any input you may have on the correct way to handle this situation to ensure all territories have the ability to be heard in this matter.

In an effort to remain transparent on the matter I offer the following solution.  A “yes” or “no” vote for Jerry Gallion should be taken by each Board of their member clubs. He bylaws essentially forgo any other nominees being offered at this time as they require a bio being submitted for the nominee by the May 15 deadline, which has passed.  The votes must be submitted to me by 8:00pm EST on May 31.  I trust each President to certify their territories vote total. While this appears to be a formality for Mr. Gallion it will ensure that we remain in compliance with our bylaws and will protect future elections and ensure that they are run with the same transparency.





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